Online Booking

Registration for COVID-19 test for fit to fly

**For those who has been infected with the COVID-19 in the past 90 days, please contact 038259999 to make an appointment at Internal Medicine Department**

Fit to Fly Service provides COVID-19 testing for those who require pre-departure COVID-19 test.

Our service tests

  1. Package of RT-PCR test : 3,800 THB.
  2. Package of Rapid antigen test : 1,190 THB.
  3. RT-PCR and Antiboby IgG+IgM : 5,500 THB.

Service terms and conditions

  1. These prices include doctor fee and hospital service charge
  2. Medical certificate and COVID-19 test result will be provided to you

**A minimum of 3-day advanced booking is required and by appointment only.

Service is available at Drive thru fit to fly service

Service hours: 07:30 – 11:00hrs daily
Limited to 115 patients/day